How do I change some basic settings?

All settings must be changed through the console at the moment. There is no UI yet. Open the console using the ESC key.

  • Sensitivity: \player_mouse_sensitivity 2 (default value 3)
  • Resolution: \gfx_resolution 1920x1080 (WIDTHxHEIGHT, default value -1 means autodetect).
  • To run in windowed mode you can do \gfx_fullscreen 0. Borderless mode is also possible, using gfx_borderless 1 and the other gfx_borderless* settings. You can start writing part of a setting and press TAB to see other values.

Help! There's no buttons / UI, what do I do?!?

There is currently no UI (user interface) in RIK, this will of course be added in the future. For now there is only the console. You can open it using ESC (top left on your keyboard probably). To exit the game write \quit, for some quick help write \help.

How do I change my name?

You can change your nickname by going to your profile page, and clicking the little edit button next to your name.

How do I add colors to my name?

You color your name by writing a ^ character followed by a number or a letter. For example I use ^dD^7inius for my name, which gives me a light blue D and white inius. You can try the colors directly in the console ingame. Some quick colors are 1=red, 2=green, 3=yellow, 4=blue, 5=cyan, 6=pink, 7=white, 8=orange, 9=gray, 0=black.

Will you add feature X or add more textures/themes?

Have a look at the roadmap: https://projectrik.com/docs/roadmap

Is there a strafe helper long the lines of Defrag's CGAZ or what they have in warsow?

No. There are some very rough accel meter variations (hud_accel). But there isn't any strafe angle helpers in RIK (and we're not planning on adding them either), aside from in the tutorials. For online playing it would currently be considered cheating.

Updated November 09, 2016