As some of you know, I fucked up my leg early December and then even more early January.. On account of that using my main PC for much more than 15-20 minutes at a time hasn't been all that comfortable. Hence my lack of activity in the mapping department, or RIK at all for that sake.

As for the future, and the relative lack of any major development the past months, it's because I've been thinking about/planning a "RIK 2" of sorts. And I've recently decided that I'm for sure going to head in that direction.

"RIK 2", for a lack of better names, in short terms means UE4 and a bit different approach to the gameplay. Also, more tricks/features/etc that I've been planning as well. But still at the core somewhat similar to what RIK is today. More details on that in the future :)

RIK as-is will of course stay online and so on, and I'll keep making maps from time to time, I suspect more as my leg gets better. As for the maps and "RIK 2", I've already made sure that converting the current maps to the new engine will not be a problem. So there's nothing wrong with making new levels for RIK, they'll live on in a future "RIK 2" release as well -- something I've known for a few months while still making new maps myself :)

As for a timeframe.. Currently I'm spending most my time coding on a different project, which I started focusing on after the leg incident. Not quite sure when I'll be finished with that seeing as it's quite massive, but it's moving along nicely. Dedicating myself to 2 such "undertakings" at once doesn't really work for me, hence I'll be finishing this other project before I fully embark on the "RIK 2" development :) So time-wise, maybe some pre-alpha testing around autumn this year, without making any promises.

Movement in newer engines has never felt as good as older ones imo. Hope you can get rid of that sticky feeling.

Nice that there will be a new renderer so the game will just look better in general, but this is probably going to delay the game for ages. Which is unfortunate since the current variety of gameplay really isn't that much more appealing than any of the other TJ games out there.

Good luck & see you in a year.

"Sticky" feeling already taken care of in a "prototype" :)

)) if RIK 2 will appers in future, can u call me? )))

actualy i want to say: give me alpha too (^_^) ..if RIK 2 will appear..

can I get in on the alpha as well, I know i wasn't worthy of rik1 alpha but I promise to give unconstructive feedback

hehe, yeah no worries guys :)

Does the 'sticky feeling' fix include the horrendous input UE4 has?

Not currently, can't say I notice anything wrong with it in the current 'prototype'. If it turns out to be an issue, I don't think it would be much of a problem to fix/replace though.