RIK is now in open beta! :mrgreen:

Download it here: http://install.projectrik.com

The installer will always install the newest files. You can launch the game from the play page to connect to online servers. When you do that it will check for updates to the game automatically before actually connecting.

Please post any bugs and issues you encounter here at the forums for the time being!

Also, remember, it IS a beta, things are not finished. That includes everything, even physics. :)

Below is a rough layout of our plans for the future. One important thing to be aware of with the current release, is that there is no UI, you'll need to use the console.

Side note: You can press N ingame to enable "noobmode". This accelerates automatically while holding W. Will give people not experienced with strafing a chance to test it a bit "better" as well.


From past experience and feedback I'd like to remind everyone what beta means. The game is not finished. It will not look awesome or be perfect. You should spend more time reporting and looking for possible bugs, instead of criticizing the game for the lack of features that are already planned. Gameplay is all that matters at this stage, eye/ear candy will come later.

Awesome ! :)

Since people keep asking for commands:

  • cmd_toggleteam - switch between playing/spectating (default bind: F4)
  • cmd_save - save position (before run start)
  • cmd_load - load saved position
  • cmd_respawn - respawn at start
  • cmd_toggletriggers - toggle visibility for checkpoints/shootpoints (default bind: F)

awesome, cant wait to play it when I get home

mashallah dinius!

I had the luck to play it since tuesday :D a great game! ty that u maked it free2play

ps: "stopmusic" is also a important command if u want to stop the music ^^ (didnt test this command - I deleted the "loop" folder in music to stop the music, didnt know about this command)

sound_musicvolume 0
not sure on stopmusic never tried it

Stopmusic is an internal command used by the game to stop it from playing. I'd recommend using the M button to mute it, or as piercy says, sound_musicvolume 0 (which I personally use).

In expectation of a CS player or two, I put out a couple more surf maps now, a quite easy one (surf2) and a more complex one (surf4).


So proud.