This is mostly an outline of tutorials to come at the moment. Tutorials aren't that high of a priority right now. We'll make some tutorials for making levels in not too long, but the gameplay related tutorials will not be prioritized until further down the line.

NOTE: This page is a work in progress.

You can download .map source files to open in RIK Radiant. All of Dinius' and Piercy's map sources are freely downloadable by anyone from the bottom of each level's page.

Creating levels in RIK Radiant

RIK Radiant

  • Basic usage
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ramps and boxramps
  • Creating stairs
  • Matching edge thickness
  • Working with entities
  • More advanced usage: mapping quickly, taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts, clipping, and duplication
  • Advanced: 3 point clipping custom shapes
  • Advanced: rotating
  • Advanced: Angled, curved, and spiral stairs
Updated September 26, 2016