Miscellaneous documentation and alike is split up into separate sections below. Questions, comments or alike can be posted as comments on the individual pages. General questions not directly related to the specific documentation should be asked on the forum! :)

The documentation is basically in-depth information about the listed subjects. Although some of this information can be very helpful, it's not actual tutorials. So if that's what you're looking for, have a look at the tutorials section!

NOTE: This page, and all sub-pages are works in progress.

Roadmap - Plans for the future

Game - Record basics

Game - Generally

Game movement

NOTE: These are currently VERY incomplete, they just explain some extremely rough essentials to give a slight idea of how things work, which will only make sense if you're already fairly familiar with it.


  • Mouse sensitivity and acceleration
  • Mouse terms explained (CPI/DPI, Negative acceleration, Maximum acceleration, raw input, smoothing, angle snapping, ..)
  • List of mice with very good / near perfect sensors

Level design



Other stuff

Updated November 18, 2015