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Verifying maps

  • "Edit info": For e.g. changing map author if you've reuploaded a fixed version. See the image below where I'm the author of zad's map because I reuploaded it. See images below on how to change map author before verifying.
  • "Download .map" downloads the mapsource in a zip file
  • "Verify this map" verifies a map, requires screenshots.
  • "Reject this map" is used to reject the level, and give the author some feedback and reasons as to why it was rejected, and how to go about fixing it.
  • "Reject silently" is used when you want to quickly upload a fixed version. If you do this then it can be useful to send the user a PM later on to tell them what was fixed, and how to avoid it in the future.

Before verifying a map

  1. Download the mapsource and the compiled map(the download link at bottom right)
  2. Copy the into Data/maps
  3. Start RIK, do \dm temp-somemapname
  4. Make sure it works and so forth. Bugs? The actual timerun works? IT HAS LIGHTS? Respawning works when you fall down?
  5. Look over the .map file
    1. Is the skybox made properly?
    2. Is stuff "on grid"
    3. Anything weird? non-supported entities? etc..
  6. If everything is OK, take some screenshots. Press F11 to turn off the HUD, and press F10 to stop recording to get rid of the text in top left corner (I tend to forget about that last one. Do NOT upload screenshots with visible hud elements. Take screenshots using F12 :)
  7. Click the verify map link, select all the screenshots, and drag them into it and click verify.
  8. When the map is verified, find the "best looking"/most suitable screenshot to use as the "main image", and change it in the level's page by editing the level info (see screenshots below!)

Also see:

Actually verifying the map

After you've uploaded the screenshots the map is verified. But now you gotta go into the level's page and set the "main image". In the slideshow at the level page, right click the image that you want to use, then copy the link. It will be like somemapname.XX.jpg, the XX is the number you want to use in the edit level info popup. See images below for an example.

Fixing the map author before verifying

If you reupload the map, map author will be set to YOUR name. And that's generally not a good idea. So click edit info, and change it to the actual map author's username or ID. (You can go to the users profile and hover the users name to see the ID.)

Updated June 20, 2015