Run Types

There are mulitple "Run types" in RIK:

  • Normal - From start to end
  • Shoot - Where you hit all the shootpoints before the end
  • Weapon - Where you use e.g. rockets or plasma during the run
  • Reversed - From end to start
  • Free - Where you don't have to go through any of the checkpoints

Not all maps support all the run types, but the normal and weapon run types are always available. Shoot will be enabled if there are shootpoints in the map. Reversed and free are enabled for the maps where it's relevant.

TIP: Press F ingame to toggle the display of checkpoints and shootpoints!

So, how do I set a record in the different run types?

There is no "setting" or such to chose which runtype to use. It's all automatically detected depending on what you've done during the run! :)


If you fire either a rocket or plasma shots during the run, it will be saved as a weapon run. Press E and R per default to switch between the weapons. Laser does not count as a "weapon" in this context.

Note that firing a weapon will override any other runtype. We do not currently support mixed run types either. For example "Weapon + shoot" where you can use weapons and hit all the shootpoints. If you do a run where you hit all the shootpoints, but fire a single plasma shot, it will still count as a weapon run. This might change in the future, but that's how it is right now :)


If you hit all the available shootpoints before you reach the end, it will save as a shoot run. If you missed one or more of them, it will save as a normal run.


Reversed runs are when you use the end as the start, and the start as the end. To do this:

  1. Jump the run normally once, so you reach the end trigger.
  2. Imagine it's a start trigger, and get behind it.
  3. Stand on the ground and save your position
  4. Load your position once, and that's it! Just jump through it as if it was a start trigger.

Note that you can't shoot rockets or plasma while in a reversed run.


To set a free run, simply miss one or more of the checkpoints. This can allow for a lot of shortcuts not generally available in the other run types.

Any other run you finish which doesn't match any of the criteria specified above, will be saved as a normal run :)

You'll be notified when the level loads if either or both the reversed and free run types are available. You can see in the lower right corner whether or not shoot is enabled if there are any shootpoint counters there.

And again, mixed run types are NOT supported at the moment! Meaning anything like "reversed free run" or "reversed shoot run" and so on will not work. The run types take precedence over each other in this order:

  1. Weapon (firing either rocket or plasma. Doesn't matter if it actually hit you or had any effect)
  2. Reversed (using the stop as the start, all checkpoints will be required, and any shootpoints you hit will be ignored)
  3. Free (missing checkpoints, if you hit all the shootpoints but still have missing checkpoints, it'll save as a free run)
  4. Shoot (You hit ALL the shootpoints available)
  5. Normal (if none of the above are true, this is where you end up by default :) )
Updated May 20, 2015