Record basics

First of all, you require an "auth key" to connect to servers. You can't connect without one, and if you connect with an invalid one you'll be kicked out of the server. When you connect from the play page, you automatically get your current auth key passed to the game. You can see your auth key by clicking the edit button in your user profile, see images below. The auth key can also be set manually using set auth abc...

Misc info

  • You can't change your name while ingame. In the future we might sync the name you set on the server to the website, but for now the name is only fetched from the website. But you can have a "nickname" different from your actual username here. The nickname is the name that will appear on all records on the ranking pages. You change your nickname the same place you find your auth key, see the images above for an example. If you change your nickname, all your records will be updated, and your record page will show "records for username (Nickname)".
  • Use the F key (per default) to toggle the display of start\stop\checkpoints, triggers, and so on.
  • All the servers will write records you set directly to the website. If for some reason it fails the first time, it will try again 5 minutes later. If it fails repeatedly it writes the record temporarily to file on the gameserver itself.
  • Also note that there are multiple run types in RIK. All of these are per-player, there's no gametypes or such set on the server for this. Read more about run types here.
  • When you join a server, the server will fetch your best times for that level, if any.
  • You are always "logged in" while playing on an online server. But you can do \cmd_noclip in order to fly around and test stuff. This will basically also give you a sort of "logged out" status, where your records won't count until you load or respawn again.
  • If you save your position while in a "has-noclipped" state, you'll need to respawn to get your "able-to-set-records" state back. But if you simply noclip and do whatever without saving, you can simply load your previously saved position and it's recognized as valid, and you can set records like normally again.
  • Prejumping (doing multiple jumps before hitting the start timer) is not possible. There's a fairly strict ingame system around this, and it might tell you to load\respawn in order to start the timer. If you have not noclipped, then this is because it detects prejumping.
  • You can't use weapons (rocket/plasma) before the run starts. When you load or respawn, all your "active" shots are instantly removed.
  • While in a reversed run, you can't use weapons either.
Updated May 27, 2015