Walljumps are not easy in RIK.

To do a walljump, hold SPECIAL (right mouse button per default) while close to a wall, and then press the jump button.

There are no "limits" for how many walljumps you can do in a row. But you can only walljump off the same wall once in a row!

There are 4 types of walljumps in RIK.

Normal walljumps: e.g. just jumping from the floor and then doing a walljump on a flat wall.

Steep walljumps: Jumping off a angled/titled wall. This will give you a lot more height boost, and take away more speed. Depending on how you hit the wall etc.

Then there's the types that appear as "Walljump Z" in the tricklog ingame. These also work differently depending on if you're hitting a flat or angled wall.

Normal walljump Z: You will directly bounce out from the wall. This can be very useful in certain maps or situations to do instant 180 turns. This also takes away a lot more speed than a normal walljump.

Steep walljump z: These will work much like the steep walljump. You will be able to bounce high up from one of these, but it also takes away a lot of you speed depending on how you hit it.

Updated May 12, 2015