RIKdev is helper program for creating levels. You create the levels using radiant, and RIKdev compiles them into playable maps, and can compress and prepare the files for upload as well.

NOTE: The developer tab can be enabled in settings and adds some misc functionality, none of which is very relevant to most users.

UI Explanation

  1. List of the map files in "Level Design/maps/*.map". You can doubleclick a map to open it in radiant. Or press enter to run it in game (it will be compiled first if if no .bsp is found)
  2. The map currently being compiled. You can run two compiles at a time. These lines are hidden if you're not compiling anything.
  3. The compile timer. The number in the parentheses is how long the previous compile took.
  4. The console. Misc messages and compiler output will be shown here.
  5. Clears the console.
  6. Copies the console to clipboard. Right click to open RIKdev's logfile.
  7. Will show "ready for upload" when you select a map compiled with light. Click it and it packages the level for you. This way all you have to do is to drag it onto the level upload window at ProjectRIK.com/levels
  8. Sort mode for maps. If checked like in the image, it will sort them by modification date. If left unchecked it sorts alphabetically. The text that says "not avail" will show the raw size of the selected map, if any.
  9. Custom compiles, defined in the Settings tab. For advanced users.
  10. Opens the selected map in RIK.
  11. Does a "Final" compile. Better shadows than a normal compile, but at the time of writing has a tendency towards more "artifacts". Pretty much all maps so far have been "normal" compiled. This button has been disabled in current versions of RIKdev.
  12. Does a "Normal" compile.
  13. Does a normal compile and then opens the compiled map in RIK.
  14. Does a quick compile. These are usually almost instant, but they don't do do lights and they currently don't do textures either.
  15. Does a quick compile then opens the compiled map in RIK.
  16. These 6 buttons open their respective game directories.
  17. These 4 buttons runs the game with the settings you specify in the Settings tab.
  18. The top button opens the location of RIKdev. The lower button opens the selected map file in notepad or whatever text editor you specify in the Settings tab.
  19. Opens RIKradiant. CTRL+R also does this. It will automatically open the selected map.

If you right click in the level list (number 1 above) you get some options for the selected level.


  • The highlight is just to recognize / find the map more easily.
  • the lock function prevents you from accidentally compiling the map, and colors it blue + bold.
  • Archive moves the map and ALL related files into the archive folder.
  • Backup COPIES the map into the backup folder.
  • Duplicate simply makes a copy of it which will be available in the map list.
  • The rest is fairly obvious..
Updated June 27, 2015