Powerjumps allow you to change your movement direction almost instantly and jump higher than normal, even higher than a doublejump, but they take away most of your speed.

To do one:

  1. Jump off the ground with some speed
  2. After jumping, click and hold CROUCH + SPECIAL
  3. Then before you land, look directly down (there's some wiggle room here, doesn't have to be EXACTLY straight down, but almost)
  4. Now as you land, the powerjump has started. Keep holding CROUCH+SPECIAL. But you have to quickly look up and look as straight (vertically (up/down)) as you can in the direction you want to go before it jumps automatically (~0.3 seconds). There's some wiggle room here (in the up/down), roughly+-15 degrees vertically will make no difference as to how much speed you can keep. The straighter you look, the more speed you can retain. Doesn't matter which direction you look, the speed will change according to it. If you however keep looking almost straight down, you'll lose almost all your speed, same goes if you're looking almost straight up. (The loss here is gradual).
  5. After a gliding for a very short time, you will get a very high jump, and move directly in the direction you were looking. If you release CROUCH or SPECIAL before this happens, you will retain less of your speed.

Using hud_verticalangle 1 you can see the vertical viewangles. This can be helpful for practicing powerjumps.

  • The minimum vertical angle when looking down is -70 degrees for actually initiating a powerjump.
  • The "forgiveness" for looking straight after the jump is -15 to 15. So anywhere between those angles when the powerjump "releases" will give maximum speed retention.
Updated June 29, 2015