Basic controls

First of all: player_mouse_sensitivity changes mouse sensitivity

W, A, S D Player movement.
C or SHIFT Crouch. Hold when landing to do a crouchslide. (+cmd_crouch)
Spacebar Jump. You can hold it to autojump e.g. stairs, but not flat ground. (+cmd_jump)
Left mouse (mouse1) Shoot (+cmd_shoot)
Right mouse (mouse2) The "special" key (+cmd_special). This is a modifier key that enables walljumps, sloperunning, and such, when you click it.
F4 Respawn (cmd_respawn)
F Toggle triggers and shootpoints. (cmd_toggletriggers)
CTRL or mouse side buttons Save and load your position. Click CTRL to load, hold it to save the position. (cmd_save, cmd_load)
F1 / F2 Vote yes / vote no (cmd_vote yes/no)
E Switches between laser and other weapons. (cmd_weapon ...)
R Switches between rocket and plasma.
END Quits the game (\quit or \exit)
HOME Disconnects from the server.
TAB Shows connected players. Use mouse wheel to scroll up and down in the list
N Enables "noobmode", automatic acceleration while holding W.
M Toggles mute (sound_volume and sound_musicvolume)
ESC and some other keys Opens console. /help for some misc info.
T Chat. You can also write in the console directly, or even the 'command prompt' window if you are running in windowed or minimized mode.

Updated November 18, 2015