Standalone entities

worldspawn Everything in your map that isn't some other entity, is basically a part of "worldspawn". You can select any normal brush and change the key values for the worldspawn. Think of it as the place for global settings for your map.
  • rockets: The start amount of rockets for the player.
    • -2 = default, will be unlimited unless you have placed trigger_give entities in the map. In which case the player spawns with 0.
    • -1 = unlimited.
    • 0 = none. Set e.g. rockets to 0 for a plasma-only map.
    • 1 or higher = the player spawns with this amount of rockets.
  • plasma: Gives this amount of plasma shots the player spawns with. Same -2 etc values goes for this as for above.
  • ambient: The general "brightness" of the map. Defaults to 80. Touching this is rarely a good idea.
  • Surfacelight: How much light the skybox gives. Default is 200. Changing this can often be nice! If you have a large skybox, you'd generally need a higher value. Genesis uses 800 or something like that. Hupo-worm uses 150 because of a relatively low height skybox.
  • autolight: HUsed to automatically give light to the map. It's always enabled by default and can be disabled by setting this to 0. The default value is: 240 240 255 1024 100 100 140 and the values mean <r g b> <emulated distance> <intensity> <flat ground intensity> <flat walls intensity>
player_start Spawns a player at this position. Players will always spawn on the ground below the player_start entity.
Blue takes 1 hit, yellow takes 2, and red takes 3.
target_position Used for trigger_push to set the direction the player will be pushed in.
teleport_destination Target for a trigger_teleport
Currently just used for grouping brushes together. You can also use layers for this.

Trigger entities

Trigger entities are created by creating a brush, applying the common/trigger texture to it, then making it into any of the entities below. Most are directly available

trigger_run_start Starts a timerun.
  • checkpoints: sets minimum required checkpoints. For a checkpoint-only run this means the last checkpoint you hit will act as a stoptimer.
trigger_run_checkpoint A checkpoint for at timerun. Per default all of these are required to pass through before the stoptimer will "activate", unless it's a free run or you set the "checkpoints" key on the start or stoptimer.
trigger_run_stop Stops a timerun.
  • checkpoints_reversed: sets minimum required checkpoints for a reversed run.
trigger_give Gives or takes away stuff from the player. Currently only weapon ammunition.
  • rockets: Gives this amount of rockets to the player.
  • plasma: Gives this amount of plasma shots to the
  • reset_rockets: Set to 1 to take away all rocket shots before possibly giving any new ones.
  • reset_plasma: Set to 1 to take away all plasma shots before possibly giving any new ones.
trigger_respawnPlayer Respawns the player. Generally doesn't need to be used. Players will respawn automatically once they land on the skybox floor.
trigger_push A 'jumppad'. Will change the players speed in some way, depending on the settings. If you point this to a target_position then that becomes the "direction" in which the speed moves. If you don't set a 'speed' key like described above, the speed will be scaled based on how far away the target_position is. A target_position placed vertically centered above the trigger_push brush will only give vertical speed.

  • speed: To specify a specific amount of speed. This will work differently depending on the mode key. Default is 0.
  • mode: Changes how the push manipulates your speed. See below for more info on this.

Push modes and their functionality

  1. default, sets the speed. Will slow you down if you're moving faster than the speed it sets.
    • Using target_position: Will set the speed to the value calculated using the relative distance and height of the the target_position. If you set the speed key, then your XY speed will be set to that, and the position will be used for Z speed.
    • No target_position: takes your current speed, and SETS it to the value of "speed".
  2. Makes sure you have at least that amount of speed. Will not slow you down.
    • Using target_position: if player's speed < speed, then your direction changes. Otherwise it's untouched. (NOT RECOMMENDED, but possible)
    • No target_position: if player's speed < speed it just SETS it like speedmode 1.
  3. Adds the given amount of speed to what you already have
    • Using target_position: adds the specified velocity into the direction. Sort of like speedmode1 without any reseting, so to say. (NOT RECOMMENDED, but possible)
    • No target_position: Simply adds that amount of speed :)
  4. Takes away the given amount of speed.
    • Using target_position: Takes away the amount of speed the push would have given based on the distance of the target_position and/or the speed key.
    • No target_position: simply takes away this amount of speed.
  5. Similar to 4, but wont go below the "walljump speed" when taking away speed.
    • Using target_position: Will GIVE this speed to your Z velocity. The speed amount will still be subtracted from xy.
    • No target_position: simply takes away this amount of speed.
trigger_teleport TODO.
trigger_teleportBack Teleports the player back to the last place it walked, for a lack of better words.
  • mode: Set to 1 to act differently. Mode 1 is used in Dini-CJ. TODO: Explain better.
trigger_run_abort Stops the player's timerun and does an autoload if the player doesn't load on his/her own. Players can disable the autoload by settings player_autoload to 0. Default is 2000 which means a 2 second delay. Use this on top of floors where players "don't belong" and so forth.
Updated October 27, 2015