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  1. Dini-asdaHard

$100 to the first person to set a non-scripted/cheated normal time on asdahard.

I want that demo.

Could you upload the todi-2hotty reversed run? Its my only number one time I think. Also, i don't think anyone other than asda will get an asdahard time XD

I've been bugging Meat and Zad to give it a try. Asda has been inactive for too long and there's absolutely no way he'd even stand a chance....... :roll:

Youtube video

(also added to level page)

Yeah, I think meat has the patience to grind it out, and zad has the technical skills to get the tricks fairly consistently. All I know is that i couldnt get the second jump, so I'm out.

hi dini

hi Fuckka