I was just wondering what airaccel is like at the moment, from the videos i've gathered that it should pretty much be like CPM, however surfing really only works at QW like airaccel because you have to spin a lot, but in QW strafejumps aren't used as much as in the videos because you can just accelerate by bunnyhopping. Is it just the two magically mixed together or do you use triggers to change the movement style?

The two are "magically mixed together" I guess. There's no triggers involved. You apply "surf" textures to the places you want surf-able. Made it this way instead of automatically detecting the angle\\steep-ness of the slope, because people might want steep slopes in their run maps without wanting it to be surf-able.

For normal movement, you have the strafe acceleration code, the a\\d aircontrol code, and the w\\s aircontrol code.

But when you hit a "surf" surface, The "on-surf" acceleration code kicks in, which gives total control over how the surfing behaves while actually "surfing" on the surface. When you leave the surf, the "in-air surf" code takes effect, which prevents you from gaining any speed at all, but allows a lot sharper in-air turns than the normal a\\d aircontrol does. (See youtube of examples where this is awesome in a surf-context if you're not already familiar with it)

If you land on a "normal" surface while you have the "in-air surf" enabled, the normal movement will take over again, until you possibly land on another surf-surface. if you land on/do a jump from another "surf-surface" of any type of shape, you'll keep the "in-air surf". Obviously going from surf to surf to surf will also leave the "in-air surf" enabled between then.

So yeah.. You can just use only surf textures for a map, making it a pure surf map, or you can mix it together making sort of "hybrid" maps as well

Gotta love how fun it is to write surf-surfaces.

In normal surf you can gain speed by using a/d though. If acceleration would work like in QW/CS while in 'in-air surf' mode maps like in CS bhop would be possible (i think? not sure what happens if a surf platform is flat), you could pretty much unite all movement communities under one banner, you already have the option to enable aircontrol and such, so that might be the next step in the somewhat distant future. However the current implementation certainly looks fun as well.

I'll send a few bucks your way.


Thanks :)

I think I've seen some of those CS bhop maps, frankly it doesn't look all that tempting. Got a good example?


This one isn't on youtube yet, so the bitrate fucked up parts of the video, however it's probably the best legit run out there.


It's on youtube now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IvXWjjqHiA

Youtube video

Have a look around the fastehops channel, they have some of the best runs.

the CS BHOP stuff seems nuts, I imagine its what everone else things when they see us strafe jumping but it just seems so strange an unnatural. Even more so than strafing. Looks cool and incredibly skill full but the mouse movements seem so different.

"Nuts" aside, "typical strafing" is a lot more pleasant to both look at and actually do, imho :p

@pier: it's*, thinks*, and*, skilful* :D

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More fun this way! :twisted:

Bhop is certainly the fastest movement game and the aircontrol is quite liberating, hence i currently prefer it over most other movement games, it does strain my wrist an awful lot though. Also most maps cause eye cancer, no doubt about that, however that's down to the mappers, not the game itself.

I'll be fine with your current setup as well, I've played racesow, codjumper and cpma in the past, i love everything strafing related.

I'll keep bugging you about it though. Shouldn't have introduced surfing!

So you dont gain any speed while in the air, is that correct? What's the proper way to surf in this game, how I've learned to surf in cs seems really off here, I don't really know if its just because of the airspeed thing or not. I seem to lose so much speed doing the simplest movement to get higher etc..

After "flicking" off a surf, when you get the "AirSurf" messages in the tricklog (bottom right corner), you can't gain any speed while in the air. But you can do a LOT sharper turns than you would usually be able to do.

Normally while jumping around without surfing you can gain speed while in the air using either strafe or normal aircontrol.

From what I've heard, I think the surf in RIK is currently a lot "harder"/"harsher"/more slippery than it is in CSS. So that could simply be it.. I'm gonna give CSS a proper go in the future to see exactly what the difference is. Meanwhile, I'd like to point out yet again, that the physics are not finished, ESPECIALLY not the surf part of it :)

That being said, the video below is a good example imo. You see the keypresses at the lower right, and it's not "easy" but still very possible to keep / build speed and so on.

Youtube video

Youtube video

I dont know what's different in the physics and stuff, but the cs surfing is just so much more on point. You have the engine to possible get a huge influx of surfplayers if you tinkered with the numbers and stuff.

It's in the plans to adjust it. As a matter of fact I even have a different version of it ready that I wrote a few weeks ago that's much more similar to CS surf, but it needs more testing etc, and I haven't prioritized it.

The first surf-physics version I wrote had a lot more accel/was a lot easier than CS surf. The current one in use is harder, but also gives such "low accel" in situations that certain tricks and alike from CS surf is not possible. Which sucks.

When I get around to testing it some more, I'll add it into the game as a test-version of the surf physics that players can enable locally using e.g. physics_surf_testmode 1. Then you can also tweak every "number" in the physics code using stuff like physics_surf_modifier1. That way you CS people can have a go at adjusting it a bit as well :)

And just for the record, I know what you mean by "on point". But I'd very much like to throw in a few things. First off, it'll never be == CS surf. Secondly, "on point", generally speaking, is in fact quite subjective, and largely based on what the person is already used to. This doesn't just go for surf, but pretty much any such movement related physics. If you're already used to something, and you like it that way, something else generally won't feel "better", especially not until you've really, really gotten used to it.

But yeah, like I said, improvements n stuff is coming eventually :)

E: No need to link me surf videos, I've prolly watched close to a thousand of them the past 7 months :P