I'm not sure what section, but the Australian server has an odd amount of lag that makes it somewhat unplayable.

By lag i mean a lot of network missed and then the connection screen pops up waiting to reconnect or something.

I'm from Australia and do not get this lag on other servers such as Netherlands but do sometimes get 'ping is too high, time run doesn't count' which kind of sucks

the server is just called australia, real location is new york, so thats why u are faster at netherlands...

try tokio (if the server location is there)

I think the aus server should be located there. Dinius wil lhave to double check, if its in the location im pretty sure he can swap it and bring another one up for you :). From what i know about the environment its quite easy for him to bring new locations up

edit: i say quite easy, i mean easy than most, so probably still a reasonable task but no out of the question ;)

I'll try switching to a new server and see if that makes any difference. Will let you know when it's done. :)

Ok then, so I replaced it with another one. Spent ~20 minutes playing on the new one without any issues. Although my ping is >999 due to the distance.

So yeah.. Let me know if it still happens :)

Just been playing for ~15mins and not a single bit of lag :D


I can play on every server without any lags... :D

how to see the ping?

I can play on every server without any lags... :D

how to display the ping?

@guy covering his face: Atm ping is always shown on the top right corner, grayish small text.

@cuffs: Sweet, np :)