im not sure in which period the autorecord records the rikrecs (I think some seconds?)...

Is it possible to add a "per round record"? So if you run a round, after this round its saved I dont know like : playername_map_time_date?

It's already planned.

OK. really nice.

Will it be possible to see the first ranked in the stats as movie?

Will it be possible to see the first ranked in the stats (website) as movie?

There's no serverdemos atm. Someone could collect demos from asda/suburb/zad/etc and make a movie, so sure it's possible.

i mean it automatically, if u got #1 that ur rikrec is avaible?

To yourself yes, to others, no.

dinius , it might be cool if the server could save the demos for the records for the top time . Then maybe once a month (or maybe once a season) could do a ksf records style compilation ?

Note : you mentioned seasons earlier and had no idea what you meant so yeah :D

Sure, but there are no serverdemos atm :P But once there is then such stuff is possible. But it's not really fair to "just take" people's #1 times and make a video of them. Gotta ask first etc. :)

Yeah not really too good of an idea to start publishing fastest times without permission. I recall when it started happening in defrag people weren't all that happy about it.

No no ofcourse not, but maybe you can make some kinda checkbox on peoples profiles to allow or disallow it? That way you might be able to get something. It would be great for publicity. Look how well it works for KSF :P

It also helps that KSF has some sweet music playing too so you can just leave the playlist running or just sit back (preferably on the couch) and be mesmerized.

You need a checkbox / question of something per run though, not just per player. Imagine you've set the fastest time with some obscure route that you want to keep secret for a while vs beating a map where everybody already knows the fastest route and you just beat it by strafing better.

Well maybe you make it in game then? "Youve just set the #1 record. Would you like to submit this demo for replay? - Auto yes, f2 for no".

So yeah i think theres probably some concerns but trying to balance it so we can get some good movies out while keeping private runs private.

Edit: or make it configurable which option is automatic. For instance, id leave mine on auto yes cos its likely i never set a record. My worry is if it default no, people will never press yes which is obviously not good for promotion :P.

Ah i just asked cuz I know it from other games like css, csgo and the tetris scene...

In css/csgo their is a ingame plugin, which u can spectate the #1 as bot
in the tetris scene its nicer, u can see it on the website and ingame (tetris2battle, tetris for poland) :D

Tbh I don't think it needs to be automated at all. Let people send in their #1 times if they want to get fame. Maybe like once in a week release highlight of the week video. Automated stuff will both require useless working to do, and isn't really any better option than just users sending the demos. Imagine if server recorded demos could be "hacked" out (cough cough defrag) and it all leaks out.