i know theres a command for shitty computers but it means u cant see edges etc and makes it impossible to play, i messed around with resolution but its not clear what it is through the console only, in short how can minimise my FPS drops?

The gfx_suckycomputer thing or whatever it was called? It used to have some effect but nowadays it should probably just be removed.

For better FPS, at the moment the most relevant things would be..

  1. gfx_resolution 1280x720 or something along those lines. The lower the better FPS you should get.
  2. gfx_antialiasing 0

I could maybe add some more stuff as well, if you're still having problems after those. What CPU + graphics card are you using? :)

Thanks man that really helped i can now get 125fps constant, perhaps it would be nice to have a graphic command for bad pc's as i wasnt quite sure with the /help command, great job on RIK btw ill be sure to follow the project

Yeah some command for that could actually be helpful, automatically optimizing for performance etc.. Will look into it. And thanks :mrgreen:

I have the same problem, can only play for about 20 minutes before my laptop starts overheating and lagging :P

the suckycomputer thing just makes everything black except for the skybox

Clean your CPU fan / replace the the thermal paste? :P

Im scared that when i take my laptop apart i wont be able to put it back together :(

Yeah I can see that, if you get a hold of a "gas duster" and use that it could help though, assuming it in fact is dusty/etc :)

also it might be worth raising your laptop off of whatever surface you.are putting it on. By this I mean,.. Put something under each edge (left and right, use books or something). If your laptop fan / air vent is on the underside take care not to block it. By doing this you can create a channel of air under and it will help cool it. You could also use a desk fan to try and get a breeze going underneath it .

Also if you fan / vents are on the side or back . Make sure the area near them isn't cluttered. Heat will hang around if there's things surrounding it.

Laptops in laps is actually pretty bad for heat ( retarded I know ) . But your body temperature, as well as our clothes and our skin are pretty good at keeping them warm. Laptops with fans on the underside are the worst for it (although often they can be bigger on the bottom). Material is very bad when it comes to heat, so try not to have it on a cloth or anything as such.

Basically try keep the air ways clear for it to get rid of the heat . You might find it just lasts that little longer, no promises though , the likelihood is these changes will have very minimal effects but maybe just enough :)