Is there any way to play in borderless window mode ?

I dont like fullscreen ;)

Yeah, gfx_borderless 1, and position it using gfx_borderlessx/y. You can't drag-move borderless windows atm.

Some more info here:

Wow you are so fast, I really cant understand that :D

Thanks you ;)

RIKdev has integrated "notify me about website activity"-functionality, so I get a lil popup when sth happens. That way I don't have to check in on the website manually ;)

Thats cool but ... The command says i have to restart so i restartet the Game but nothing happends. I tried to turn of the Fullscreen but this also dont worked. Maybe i'm just to retarded :D

mmm looks like it's a bit sensitive, or rather, just setting borderless 1 doesn't do the trick any more. Looks like you need to specify a resolution as well. Will look into it later.

Try placing this in your Player directory:

the autoexec.cfg will be run every time you start the game. It's just a text file so you can edit it. (which you'll probably want to do, in order to change the resolution..)

gfx_borderless 1 requires a gfx_restart to write to cfg, then a game restart to fix the window position.

thanks huPo!