I downloaded projectRIK and started it but this is what i get :

ProjectRIK 1227
Build date: Jun 14 2015

===> Engine
===> Files and settings
===> Client
===> Graphics
===> Shaders
===> Closing game

r_init() - glGetError () failed = 0x500

Aaas always, system specs please. Windows version + graphics card mainly :)

Almost sure it's due to too old graphics card. You could try updating the drivers but I don't think that'll do it in this case. Using a laptop by any chance?

yeah im using a laptop with win7 64bit and a ATI mobility Radeon hd 5650

Give this a go, scroll down to the ATI part. I'm no expert on ATI/AMD cards but I would THINK the HD5650 should be able to run it, so I'm guessing it's trying to use the integrated card. So try to force it to use the ATI card for RIK.exe..


haha i installed the catalyst control center and after that i was able to launch the game :) but thanks for your help ;)