So, here's the current thinking.. It would work similar to normal CTF modes, the main goal is to capture the enemy's flag. One might also get points for making the enemy lose a stolen flag. You do not however kill other players by shooting them, there will be no fragging in RIK. A big part of the gameplay thinking for CTF is currently to be able to place offensive or defensive objects. Let's say you get 2 points for capturing a flag, and 1 point for making the enemy lose a stolen flag. When your team gets 3 points, you can place an object. An object can be a wall to make things harder for the opposing teams, or a ramp or a platform to make things easier for you. This gives a strategic and imo fun aspect to it. What will cause the enemy to lose the flag once it's stolen? (These are THOUGHTS, not actual implemented stuff)
    • Auto-loss of flag if your speed gets too low.
    • Enemies can block and PUSH you. So they can block you so your speed gets too low and you'd lose the flag. Or push you into a wall or out of the map so you'd also lose it.
    • Shooting the player. Not killing, just shooting. One or two shots from the same player, would imo be too easy. But e.g. requiring two shots by different enemy players. For example player1 and player2 on the opposing team both have to player3 who carries the flag once, for him to lose it. This is a possibility, but maybe too similar to fragging.. Could be more relevant to have shots simply take away some speed from the player.
    • Proximity based, i.e. get so and so close to the player for X seconds. I've put this aside, it's too similar to the catch\tag based gametype.
Some new input:
  • Speed pads for non-flag carriers! Sounds very good.
  • Things that make the other player lose speed like shooting could be a bit 'lame' for lack of better words.. I.e. you'd all of a sudden lose speed because someone you don't see shot you in the back from somewhere. Plus enemy team could just stand still somewhere and shoot you..
Well tbh the idea is so fresh that it's hard to speculate about possible outcomes without trying it first. My first thoughts where that "Proximity based" sounds lame & I'm on the fence about allowing shooting of the flag carrier (could be cool or could be annoying).
The melee gun from UT99 came to mind where the longer you charge the gun the harder it will push. Also I think it would be cool if pushing can also be a bad thing to do: For example if you push the flag carrier in the back then you'll help him instead of stop. Also you should be able to push your own team.
I really like the idea of having to chase and catch up with an enemy flag carrier, but it would have to be possible. With this I mean if your flag just got taken and you're standing still it should be possible to get up to the same (or more?) speed as the flag carrier before he can cap. For this I thought maybe you could decrease acceleration of the flag carrier (lame). Or add speed pads / acceleration powerups for non flag carriers (cool).
How will player collision work between teammates? On or off, or only on for flag carrier?
I'm not a fan of the placing of random objects. If they can be placed anywhere it's ripe for abuse. If they can only be placed in certain spots then it will be hard to design good maps. Random idea: Allow the player to act as a ramp - One player1 bounces off the back of player2 when player2 crouches in front of player1.
The auto-loss of flag when your going to slow sounds really good.
Team points should not come for anything except flag captures. You can have player points that give players the points for stuff like that. It would be very lame otherwise.
The object placement is just bad. If you're already leading the points, you don't need to make it any easier for the already winning team to win.
The original idea was to have fast gameplay and fast captures where the points after 5 minutes would be like 20-20 and the marginal jumping errors would eventually decide the winner. Basically you don't even need to be able to steal the flag from enemy at all. Just stand on the routes to slow him down or stop him completely. It's kinda like chess, position your teammembers wisely.
Only blocking would be quite dull and boring in comparison, and easy to circle around if you're standing almost still like in 'chess' and the other player has speed, it'd be useless.
And the objects would change the map\gameplay for both teams, a placement you think is good for your team could end up working more in favor of the other team etc..
  • Yeah, pushes would go all ways :) and ofc pushing in the back wouldn't stop ;)
  • I agree that taking away the speed is kinda lame, by shooting or otherwise. Speed pads for non-carries sounds cool though! :)
  • Teammate collision off imo.. 
  • Player ramps sound cool. Crouch and ramp + push the player ramping on you = big boost.. 
  • How would the object placements be abuseable? ofc things like walling in your own flag and such wouldn't be possible..
So a lil update:
Current thinking is to definitely have the blocking, pushing and lose flag at low speed. Other things are more like suggestions\thoughts. Updated some stuff in the first topic with ideas from stealth etc.
If any player can place them then newbies or trolls are going to put them in stupid / random places.
I think it would be too easy if teammate collision is completely off. For example teammates make a wall and the flag carrier goes through it, but it blocks all chasing enemies. Also the boosting / ramp idea would need some kind of collision?
The ramping could just enable collision when player is crouched. But the walling is a valid point, but they could still do this and just move when their teammate comes though..
And only a team leader or something would place it, I think that might be better than having the placement handed out randomly in the team.
Would need some kind of thing like all collision disabled in the flag area actually. If not you could just stand still at pickup point and no1 could steal it, more or less..
I agree (circlejerk woo!). I do think this idea could be a good base for another gametype. Something like Deathrun where players are split into 2 teams runners & blockers. Runners have to get from A to B as quickly as possible, Blockers have to slow them. Then they swap sides.
This reminds me of the kids game where 1 or 2 people are the tagger(s) and the others have to cross the playground. Anybody that gets tagged joins the taggers until 1 person (winner) remains.
Well aren't you just full of fancy expressions these days? :p
Yeah I know what you're talking about, it could be a possible gametype as well, but imo there are other more fun options out there. And it would be a lil bit too similar to catch\tag.. :)
@Wall tactic, if there is collision then it at least requires a bit more competency & timing.
Well aren’t you just full of fancy expressions these days?
by Dinius
Gotta keep with the times.
Yeah true. But the flag capture area isn't that big. In q3\etc you'd just kill whomever stood there, but here it might not be so easy. You could try pushing them away but that could prove difficult. So needs to be sth like no collisions inside the actual field, or something like that..
I still wouldn't recommend losing the flag at low speed. It's penalty enough if you're carrying the flags slower than your opponent, as their score keeps getting higher faster.
That's a valid point actually,, might be a little map dependent but yeah..
Carrier loses weapons when he picks up flag. Weapons consist of Rocket Launcher (gain speed) and Rail Gun (shoot people for -speed based on distance from target, so 1000u away would make them lose 100? 500? ups, but 100u away would lose 10? 50? ups), and melee to force a flag drop, with no speed loss.
Chasers have both weapons, RL does nothing to other players, RG also speeds up team-mates with a lessened effect (half speed gain or something).
There was a Q3 mod that had classes, one of them could spawn a launcher/jump-pad for a certain amount of points. Maybe the FC can spend points to do something like this, a small portal-type object that speeds up team-mates and slow down enemies.
Flag caps are not the points one would spend; capturing a flag gives the team 1 point, but the player who capped got 100 points, assists (dropped flag for someone else, forced enemy to drop flag, returned flag, etc.) give 25, hitting an enemy gives 10, and maybe there can be randomly spawning point pickups for 5 points.
This sounds kinda fun. As someone said earlier, there's no way to know how something like this would work out without simply doing it.
In order to test much easier, it would be nice to create some sort of modular back-end for rulesets, where every type of variable can be changed easily from each user. I dunno how programming works, but Excessive Dawn has custom ruleset cfgs, which are pretty nice, even though I've never used them.
An alternative to CTF would be w/e it's called in other games, just hold the token for 1pt/sec, lose all weapons while other players keep theirs. Melee to force other players to drop the token - something I didn't mention in my other post was that no amount of lost speed or shots taken (maybe there could be a powerup to make 1 or 2 shots force a flag drop?) should drop the flag.
Newbie picks up flag and walks back to your base. Image
This would be too similar to the tag gametype imo
Nah, tag is about tagging, this is about holding the token for as long as possible. Sure tagging forces the player to drop the token, but you don't get points for tagging, you get points for not getting tagged. Reverse tag!