Thought about this one some while ago. But after some guy on ESR mentioned Mario Kart, I got a little bit more optimistic towards it.
This would be done on circuit type race maps, that go round and round. You'd do e.g. 5 laps. Winner is the one who finishes the last lap first and so forth.
The map should be pretty easy to jump through, but with a lot of ramps, holes\pitfalls, and so on. When you fall down you'd be teleported back to the last (relevant) place you jumped from.
Other players can push you. They can pick up powerups giving them more speed and mario kart like stuff that would screw up the run for your competition. I.e. things that you would drop or throw and the other players have to avoid, or things that would just give everyone else a disadvantage for a little while.
    • Change other players sensitivity or mouse accel
    • Slow down all other players
    • Invert mouse movements for other players
    • Force a strafestyle for other players
    • Change fov \ otherwise mess with other players view, darken\black it out even..
    • and so on..
Thoughts? Imo a gametype like this could be a lot of fun.
I really like this idea, i think sometimes clean races might be nice. So  either a way mappers or servers could configure the enabled weapons.  One thing that i would find fun, is being able to race someone and push them into a wall some way (maybe a wall jump off their head kicks them in that direction?).

I'm a big fan of these kind of games.

Combining this with a game like projectrik is the most interesting idea I've read so far.

You calling our other ideas bad? You bastard.
Nah but I agree, this could be hugely more fun than the other ideas so far imo. But mainly FUN, ranked competition here is a bit iffy.
This sounds great.
Combine this gametype with good maps and I will be hooked for hours. ;)
Cool, but fair warning, you might have to use aircontrol :o:P
Holy shit this sounds amazing. A CPM race on Q3Rally maps would be... Just amazing. I want it.
(maybe a wall jump off their head kicks them in that direction?).
by Piercy


I see potential.

Oh, I missed that idea, cool. Current thinking is to be able to push, and like in mario kart with the "power ups" you could pick up weapons or such here too (randomly given out, more or less) so you could shoot yourself ahead or shoot other people off course.. 

The walljump kick thingy could be a nice extra hard push or something :D

Mario Kart powerups in CPM?!?! Sign me up! :D That sounds like great fun. You should do it. I will back you 100% in this, however much that may be worth in the end.