Been working mostly on circuit the past couple of weeks. Making the first map took a while longer than planned. At the moment everything is ready aside for the code for the individual "pickups". Those blue circles you see in the image below are pickups, e.g. you could pick up a speedboost, rockets, or many other things. Everything surrounding the pickups is done (picking them up, using them, pickup respawning, etc), just not the part where something actually happens when you use them :) Will start working on that today, and start running tests in a few days. Will do this on a private server in case there's a lot of major bugs. If you want to join in on the pre-release testing, throw me a PM with your steam username or something..

As mentioned above, here's a preview of "circuit1". I have a few other maps almost ready as well. :) (smaller and easier ones)

Looks awesome!

Keep up the great work!

looks great ))

can't wait :)

This map looks damn sexy <3 Can't wait to try it out!

Mostly everything is "ready" now. I might just push it out in an update very soon. Haven't done any "real world" testing yet, but I've tested enough locally to be relatively certain it won't crash anything at least. So that saves me having to arrange a time that suits as many people as possible and get all that stuff set up etc... :P

So yeah, short version: will push it out tomorrow night or so :)