I just hold it down all the time, is that a stupid thing to do? Seems to just make it easier. If I miss a platform I wall jump, if I do stairs or a ramp I glide + jump higher / further.
Isn't this supposed to also be for lowjumps? Aren't you getting half height on all your jumps? :S
When I'm going slow then I notice the half jumps, but once you reach speed then I don't really seem to notice them. (With speed I mean higher than roughly 250)
1: You could never do two halfjumps in a row, or multiple ones without releasing special inbetween
2: Depending on your version, you'll either have to do e.g. a rampjump or a walljump or a doulbejump or something to get a "new" haljump.
Well long story short, it could be bad some places like ramps and stair DJs, at the moment :)
Not to mention the risk of unintended walljumps etc. And iirc you can't do normal doublejumps if you're holding it.
Yeah scrap what i said before it only does 1 half jump, but if you ramp slide first then it doesn't