Anything related to the development of RIK should be posted in this category. If it fits into one of the subcategories, use them, if not just place them directly in "development".
All the development talk/discussion here will be public. There's no private hidden forums here. Anyone can join in and offer their opinions on things. Buy try to be constructive and reasonable, and give arguments/reasons for your opinion.
Also try to include a drawing, video or other example to illustrate your point as clearly as possible, whenever relevant :)
If you're posting an idea for something, it will be "marked" when a part of the dev team sees it. After that people can vote it up or down, and eventually the status will be changed to e.g. accepted or rejected.
Another thing to note, please don't things I or other dev team members say as too absolute or "negative", we're most likely just arguing our personal standpoints, that doesn't necessarily mean we're not listening or don't care about your input. Nor should you put all too much stock in things said in the development section generally speaking. It's a place for trying to reach optimal solutions for miscellaneous stuff, on the road to that there will often be many less-than-optimal suggestions and thoughts along the way as well :)
Brainstorming and essentially "thinking out loud" is to be expected here.