Hi everyone, I'm new to this game and I've just downloaded it.

I started to play the tutorials and all was fine, untill I wanted to contect to a real map. When I clicked on this site on 'connect' (for instance map hard19) than I started to connect but almost immediatly got an error saying Mapload failed ... (buffering)

Can someone tell me how to fix this ? Thank you very much.

- MrOwl

I'd need to see the other window hidden behind there to know for sure. I can see one of the lines start with "curl" which is the "thing" that does the actual downloads. So I'd be willing to guess that the download fails for some reason. Possible causes, most likely first:

  1. A firewall is blocking RIK from accessing the internet. Quickest way to check this is to temporarily disable windows firewall \ any other one you might have, and see if it works then (don't have RIK running while you do this). If it works, then you have to configure the firewall to allow RIK access, normally with windows firewall you'd get like a popup message to "allow \ block" etc the first time you launch RIK.
  2. Antivirus software can also do similar things.
  3. RIK doesn't have write permissions in the folder it's installed in, this can happen if you install to c:\program files and so on.

Here is the console.


Yup, looks to be what I mentioned above, the ssl connection error probably means something is blocking rik from making SSL connections. Could be firewall or antivirus that decided the normal non-encrypted udp (typical game networking) is all rik.exe should be allowed to do. A quick workaround MIGHT be to download the map manually, assuming only the ssl part is blocked. But it's far better to do/try the stuff I mentioned in my previous post :)