The final alpha was just released. Still 'private', if you want it get a hold of me on Skype or IRC or something, or PM me here.. :)

Assuming it goes relatively painlessly, without any serious bugs, we're going public beta in a day or two! :)

Grats Dinius :) Looks like a really successful day for RIK, 238 records set and 77 maps uploaded. So far only seems to be a couple of issues that really don't affect the game much at all.


I knew you could do it!

I didn't.

Believe in the me that believes in you!

Can't wait for the public beta, been lurking for a while here :)

Sent it out to some more people today, check your PMs people :)

There's currently one annoying bug I'd like to get fixed before releasing the beta publicly, so maybe tomorrow or so, depending on when I figure out what's causing it.

o.0 .. seems I gotta stop lurking

Figured out the cause etc of the bug. Fixed the main problem. Working on adjustments related to it and so forth at the moment. Will test it further today, and make sure it works on online servers with multiple players later today as well.

Assuming that all works out, we're going public beta tomorrow most likely :)

Dinius my skype: us-combo!

Ok, everything is all set now. But turns out I'm a bit busy this evening, so I'll release the open beta tomorrow morning instead :) (CET, aka Friday morning in Europe, probably meaning something like Thursday evening for those of you in the US)