Ok then, here goes the first official alpha :)
I know this post is long, but do please consider reading it.. Especially before asking questions or posting bugs or alike.. :)
First off, post all bug reports and such in their own topics in the bugs section please, not as replies here.
If I haven't sent the files to you already, get in touch with me somehow and I'll give it to you, assuming you were on the list.. ;) (skype, mail/message here, irc #projectrik@quakenet)
Keep in mind, this is an alpha release, intended for testing and bug finding etc.
Stuff isn't actually finished yet!
Things I'm most interested in:
- Actual bugs (naturally)
- Online gameplay/stability/lags/etc (not records functionality)
- Relevant and well founded thoughts on adjustments or improvements etc to the physics (movement).
Some servers for online testing:
    • nl1.projectrik.com (Amsterdam)
    • us1.projectrik.com (New york)
To connect to one of them press ESCAPE to open the console and write /connect nl1.projectrik.com
Some notable things: (Bugs, issues, etc)
    • The 'tutorials' are far, far from finished.
    • There is no UI. There probably won't be either, rather some 3D menu all around you instead.
    • The graphics and sounds aren't finished. This includes things like the slide (slick\ice) texture, weapon effects, shadows in maps, etcetc.
    • "Events" can be a bit unreliable, they will be rewritten just haven't gotten around to it yet. (e.g. when you make a step on a stair and it smooths it, or you fire a shot, etc)
    • Most of the physics are fps independent. Only known real issue atm is doublejumps at > 125 fps.
    • Note that doublejumps might be made a bit easier in the future..
    • Some times you'll get "doublejump" on stairs.
    • Strafe is currently somewhat experimental. (More narrow angles) The main issue with it right now is that the actual circlejump (start jump) remains largely the same as with other Q3 based games, but as you gain speed there is a gradual change to the more narrow angles. This "gradual change" will probably be rewritten or adjusted a bit once I get some better ideas for it..
    • Some cases you might need to use the autojump and not the typical Q3ish way of doubletapping jump quickly.
    • For example doublejumps work far better (or maybe even only) if you just hold the jump key.
    • You can hold the special key for walljumps, but every walljump needs a new jump click, autojump/partial autojump does and will not work here.
    • Sloperun sometimes, at least used to, have a tendency to nudge your view down a bit sometimes.
    • If you try to wallstrafe while e.g. walking on stairs, smoothing doesn't work. This is a todo.
    • Demos don't smooth your movement. This is a todo. As is a lot of other demo-related functionality. Same goes for when you spectate someone iirc.
    • You do not have aircontrol before a run is started. This is intentionally.
    • All the record stuff ingame etc, isn't finished. i.e. your records don't save, the side view isn't all that awesome at every resolution, and so on, and so on.
    • Same goes for a lot of text\font stuff at different resolutions, it still needs some adjustments etc.
    • You can change strafestyle freely (or turn it off) at any time. This is just temporary, when record things are "finished" it'll be locked to what you had it set to when the run started.
    • There are no player models at the moment. Because of this there are no game based modes to test in this build either, etc.
    • Skyboxes are running in 1024 atm, but they will eventually be at least 2048.
    • Shots only trace through one "dead" shootpoint.
    • Rockets + plasma are stopped by shootpoints atm, they'll be ignored in the future.
    • Don't remember if the custom compile system in RIKdev is functional yet or not.
    • Ingame trigger showing only shows square triggers atm. Non-square ones is a todo.
Special notes
Change sensitivity with /player_mouse_sensitivity
write /player_mouse and press TAB to see other available options.
Defraggers might want to bind the jump key to the right mouse button,
and bind the special key to space or some other key..
(Note how I left this at the bottom so you'd have to at least scroll over the rest of the post to be able to read it :P)
/bind mouse2 +cmd_jump
/bind space +cmd_special
To get speed above your crosshair:
/hud_speed_crosshair 1
'Cross-style aircontrol'
Pressing 1 2 3 4 5 will change your strafestyle, while retaining the ability to use aircontrol. This means you can e.g. halfbeat while using aircontrol.
The Q key simply toggles aircontrol on/off. This is the basic explanation of it, tutorial + etc is a todo. :)
Fullbeat (1)
Strafe: WA/WD, SA/SD
Aircontrol: A/D
W Control: W/S
Halfbeat (2 for left side, 3 for right side)
Strafe: Left uses WA+D/SA+D, Right uses WD+A/SD+A
Aircontrol: Opposite of strafe. Left uses A+WD/A+SD and Right uses D+WA/D+SA
W Control: W/S
Inverted (4)
Strafe: A/D
Aircontrol: Same as fullbeat strafe. WA/WD, SA/SD
W Control: W/S
Dualbeat (aka W/+forward only and so forth)
Strafe: W/S
Aircontrol: A/D
W Control: Same as fullbeat strafe- WA/WD, SA/SD
First bug,, 
In the data/txt/sp1_1_6, 7 and 8 files, just write something. There was just useless info there that I deleted, but forgot to remove it from the map(s). (top left one at start).
So just write abcd or something in those files and save them, and stuff works.
is the alpha free for all to download ?
Oh sry!
OMG, so psyched to come back from boring Christmas family stuff to an idle PM from Dini, with a link to a super-secret password-protected archive!
After the initial couple of crashes and config tweaking etc. (I wish the game's process were linked to the actual view rather than the console. As it is now, I can't use BorderlessGaming to play in borderless fullscreen, which has become more and more important to me over the past few months), the game worked, I got through all the tutorials, and now I really want to make maps and host my own server! Will I be able to do this any time soon? Can I do it now!?!?
I have only a couple of gripes about the actual gameplay, though I've not played enough to be able to describe properly what the issues are. More to come.
Make maps, just run the rikdev.exe in dir and start mapping :) Own server, no.
What kind of crashes though? and wtf is borderlessgaming? :D
If it's that thing I found on github, why not just minimize the game with windows button or something? Not that making it borderless would be much of a problem, just don't see a reason for it..
Removed the nl2.projectrik.com server, only nl1.projectrik.com now.
Also removed the sweden one for now, ping + etc for us up north seems to be more than good enough at nl server. 
For people with the newer versions dev.projectrik.com is also accessible. Rejects older versions (including the original alpha release).