I've been considering adding some kind of a scoring system to freestyle. So there'd be a little more point to just jumping around aimlessly and having fun. Kind of like a combo type thing where you do this or that and keep gaining points, which will keep going until you lose all\most of your speed or crash into a wall or something.. Some combo-point-multiplier thingy could be a possibility as well, which would time out or end if you haven't done it in a while, for example you could get some kind of a multiplier if you hit two shootpoints quickly in a row, which would end if you didn't hit a third one fairly quickly afterwards, etc..
Some examples for what could give "points": (harder things would give more points, etc..)
2x+ rocketjumps
doublejumps and any other jumps
increasingly more points the faster you're going
full crouchslide
crouchslide under something
get between some narrow opening
"rapidly" going zigzag between stuff
getting up to specific high platforms or alike
Ideas / thoughts / etc?
Combos and multipliers and etc. like Tony Hawk would be pretty rad. +1
How are we supposed to do a 360 noscope without a scope? Or does that imply that every 360 is a noscope?