I'll just put this in off topic since it's probably not a priority.
Title is quite self-explanatory, will there be those chats?
Most important is of course the voice chat so we can communicate with the almighty ThelDer <3
General ingame chat will naturally be there. I guess it would be reasonable to add a team based chat mode for CTF as well probably.. 
(Private messages too)
"Fire team" type of things is a possibility, but not any time soon (not a priority etc). I dont think it's all that important actually, if you have a select group of people you want to chat with exclusively, chances are you'll be using teamspeak or something anyways.
And yeah, voice chats is definitely a yes. Maybe in time for the open beta, I haven't offered it much thought in a while. But as you say, some people are very reliant on it :p
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Might I just add that we'll need to be able to mute specific players client-side. Warsow currently only allows muting as a vote, and that's horrible and easy to circumvent for the muted player (reconnect and you're done). Experience from online gaming tells us there are alot of people you are much better off not having to listen to. (Both for voice and text chats)
Oh by the way, by "voice chat", do you guys refer to something voice communication or just that the player can use pre-set sounds while chatting?
voicechat - preset sounds
voicechat - preset sounds
by stealth


A dedicated ProjectRIK Teamspeak server could perhaps be a good idea? With one chatroom per server or so?

Yeah will put up a TS server :) and yes, playerside ignore + you can just mute all voicechats as well
isn't it possible to have build in mic-chat aswell? so there's no need for teamspeak and you can just enable or disable it
im not sure about this but it seems like cs:go has that function, and a build in radio station or something aswell
It would be possible but very useless to make. It would be used only for trolling. If we had thousands of players playing team-based gametype, it would make sense to do it.
Built in mic chat would be quite easy, but it puts more stress on the servers etc so I decided to leave it out and have a dedicated ts server separate from the game servers :)