Is there a way to sort posts by most recent or view recent posts only? Some threads are getting quite long and I can't figure out a quick way to find the most recent posts.
Yea, and especially on the mobile version, where the name of the last poster is omitted, for some reason :p
edit: Feels like clicking the "Last reply" link should take you to a view the last reply, but that also brings you to OP.
:D Not at the moment no, but its on my todo list. I.e. mark all unread posts in a thread + a page to just see all new replies.
New suggestion: switch to some other forum CMS this one is really annoying.
  • Keeps trying to do shit for you (change links into links, auto formatting text when you posts etc)
  • Nested comment discussions are confusing (no real hierarchy to comments & quoting everything means more scrolling)
  • Main board just lists everything
  • etc
Hope this is just a temp solution atm. Only thing I like about this forum is modern design & nice emoticons.
:D Im just so daaamn sick of phpbb and alike. Plan is to either fix up annoyances here or more likely replace it eventually, with sth custom. The main board lists everything is fine imo, you can still sort into categories etc.. Given it could be nice to see new post count for categories too. With some easy eay to see unread stufff etc, the whole comments etc part will be fine imo.What fomatting does it do? And links should be links shouldnt they? Test #1 test. #1 highlighted? #2#3#4<br />Newline Newline Newline Well at least that's working now. -> Looks like links are just bugged & #shit test
seems to randomly reformat or remove stuff when you edit a post.
First letter of next word is also part of the highlighted link. It randomly added that
and has deleted something out of my post twice upon editing. Also the formatting has been removed.
The next issue I have is that if somebody wants to reply to the comment above this one they can't really unless they quote it. If it's a long post then that's going to suck.
What do you have to do to get a blank line around here?

Yeah I’m aware of that edit, it’s just a bug. But it only happens if you try to edit multiple times in a row or just after you posted. Refresh the page and it’s ok.

The #stuff highlights because it thinks of it as hashtags, going to remove that.

and yeah, urls are also a bit buggy, I know:P

Atm to get a newline in a comment just do a space 

like so.

But yeah, all of this is todo stuff.. You code, don’t you? :D

Hope this is just a temp solution atm.
by stealth


To be clear, probably, yes :P
Will either fix all these things and some others, or move onto something else (only have one thing in mind and it's not released yet so we'll see)

Made some quick fixes for some stuff