Been working on this little map for a little while now. Thought i'd put some pics out to give me a boot up the arse and get it released. So i hear by commit to releasing it by the end of the week (sunday latest..).


and here I thought we agreed it should be called Piercy-MosquitoCoil? :P


It's good that you finally make another map. No sarcasm, I'm genuinely happy for that. However, I would recommend on giving a little more thought on the maps. Simple strafe maps are needed as well, but Dinius has basically made already 20 of those so you should aim for something that offers more variation on the jumping. Without so many checkpoints this map could be fun with some skips, but the way it has to be done now doesn't really look so appealing. Add some variation to somewhere on the map, anywhere.

You're evil. :P

@huPo, its designed to be tricky but still quite simple at the same time. I didnt think it would work well at all, but then once i played it it actually is quite good fun. I already have plans for modifying this one to include obstacles (ask Dinius about my spelling of that word..). So there would be two releases spiral and spiral "extreme" (not final names but you get the idea). The extreme version would feature pillars, holes in floor, double jumps and other stuff - not really decided on specifics. "Extreme" could maybe allow cuts as there would be more variety in how you cut.

But yeah spiral is designed to be a 2-map release around the same idea :).

I fail to see how this version could be tricky at all though. Just update this version to the one with obstacles, there's no reason to have 2 versions of the same map when the other one is lacking in gameplay.

it gets tricky towards the end due to speed and angles of the curves. This along with the W movement makes it tricky. By no means hard just tricky :)

Well due to technical issues this map is gonna have to go on the back burner. Its not ruled out completely but I had so many issues due to my lack of understand of certain things. However, i will still be releasing another map very soon and from the few bits of feedback ive had its a good one :)


Hmmmm :p