Is there a command to invert the vertical axis?

edit: oh you said vertical, not sure about that. Maybe theres a sensitivity for x and Y? you can use tab to auto complete in the console. Maybe you can find something in /player_mouse_

apparently setting negative sensitivity does this?

so i think the command is

/player_mouse_sensitivity -3

:( oh well

Setting player_mouse_sensitivity to negative values will invert both the X and Y axis. But if you set player_mouse_pitch to -0.022 it will invert only the Y axis (vertical/up and down on your screen) :)

doesnt work, wont be able to pitch at all with negative value, unlike q3. just tried. =(

Sure you got the setting name correct? I tried it just now and it worked fine.. Not working at all sounds very much like some "unwanted" symbols/characters in the value resulting in a 0. For example using a comma instead of a period/decimal point, or something like that.. :)