Happy new year! So I was wondering ... RIK2 update? I'll be back to read the answer in 2021.

Soon. :twisted:

For a while I've been planning to make a few "smaller games" (since early 2018 or so). In other words simple stuff that I can finish relatively quickly (weeks, month or two at most ideally). All of them "movement oriented", i.e. based on some sort of physics/movement/etc that I want to explore/test. And I basically started focusing on that as of yesterday. So nice timing I guess. :)

As for RIK2.. Part of the reason I'm doing the "smaller games" is to explore some movement related ideas (etc) I have in order to get a better feel for what would work well or not for RIK2. And also be able to finish some things without investing as much time into them as I would have to for RIK2. And frankly it's more fun (for me at least) to implement and test movement physics in engines like Unity and Godot, as opposed to Unreal. With the added bonus that I might get some releasable games in the process – instead of just throwing away the stuff that ends up not "feeling right" for RIK2.

The time frame for RIK2 at this point largely depends on how these smaller games go.. Ideally maybe I'd make 3 or 4 of them and then move onto RIK2 as a more serious effort. In a perfect world I'd start working on RIK2 in September, but we'll see how that goes..

(Also I'm honestly a bit surprised that people still care.)

See you in 2021 then. :roll:

Is RIK 3 out yet? <3

RIK 4 coming this February!

Sick, I missed the other two though. What a shit year 2020 was and no news here either. I found a developer on Steam called loneminded that had some similar games. but I didn't try them. Anyway hope this year is better, see you in February.