ProjectRIK 1273

Build date: Jul 16 2016

===> Engine
===> Files and settings
===> Client
===> Graphics
===> Shaders
compile log:
The fragment shader uses varying var_Position, but previous shader does not write to it.

^7[^1CRITICAL ERROR^7] Shaders failed to link
===> Sound
===> Fetching level list
===> Closing game

System specs? Os? Laptop? specs, shit laptop but i figured i'd probably be able to run this

Sorry, it doesn't tend to agree with Intel graphics.. On some laptops you'll have to specifically tell it to use the "dedicated" nvidia/ati card, but if it's a "shit laptop" it most likely only runs the graphics through the Intel CPU, which doesn't always, or even usually, work for RIK :(

Ah, that's unfortunate but thanks for the help. Anything I should try even if it's not guaranteed to fix?

The only thing that might help is to update the intel graphics drivers. If you havent updated the drivers in ages then there's a small chance it could work, but usually it won't solve it