It doesn't really affect the gameplay, but it still persists until after the game is closed.

After a while, my keyboard when pressing "d" also starts to press the letter "f". This also happens with e/r and c/v. This isn't really an issue in game, but even when I close the game when I try to type something that has those letters in it, it'll input both of them.

I'm bad at explaining, so here's an example:

Before: "fun done cone"
After: "fdun dfoner cvoner"

I'm not sure if it's a game issue or a keyboard driver issue, but it seems to only happen after about 5 minutes into the game and I have to restart my computer every time just to be able to type normally again.

I'm running a Windows 7 Desktop PC. Just in case that's needed.


If none of that makes a difference I'd look into trying a different keyboard. If that doesn't help either then there's likely some other software (or possibly a driver) causing it, or a "conflict" between either of those and RIK.

In any case, if none of the above works out then I'm not overly optimistic for a solution, at least not without much more detailed information.

Turns out it's not just this game and it's my keyboard, but it just happens more frequently on this than other games (like Portal). Thanks for the quick reply!