Had rikdev open and I think that stopped the launcher from successfully updating. I got an error informing me that it failed to update 2 files and to check the log. Then it said do you want to start RIK anyway and I press no.

The Launcher splashscreen stayed on the screen.

Well yeah, it doesn't kill rikdev at the moment :) Hence the file is open, and because of that it's also locked, so the launcher can't touch it. I'm guessing there was also a file lock on the rikmap.exe, hence it it couldn't touch that either..

Will add it to the todolist to check for those processes if it's gonna do an update to avoid this. But for now, just close it down and run it again..

+ Also, the splashscreen is intended to stay open in this scenario :) Close it with the thingamajig in the corner.

I didn't see the thingymabob in the corner :D