pcpie-overline is a little project i decided to do. My goal was to make a map in projectrik, and after im done with it port it to css. And try to make the gameplay work on both games without changing any brushes. I thought it would be fun to do, as i play and map for both games. It took me a long time to figure out the gameplay, But i finally came up with something. The map has many routes you can take, and some might be faster in rik and some faster in css.

However, I'd like to make clear that this is not some kind of evidence that css movement could work in rik. This map was hard to make as the physics are very different. That's also why its more simple than i had originally planned.

Also the map is kind of an ad for rik :p


also some finally uploaded a video of the map in css:

Youtube video

My textures! :evil: Do you realize how much time I put into those? And you just go an willy-nilly use them in CSS? How rude! Time to sue someone!

.. or not :mrgreen: But yeah, cool :) I guess we'll get a new round of "please add CSS style aircontrol" requests XD

Did you port it manually by remaking it or did you convert it?

Aaand, 33 seconds in CSS? Is that like a near-top time? Coz < 15 should be reasonable in RIK I think. (Only tried it at my laptop once and got a 17.something)

I ported it by saving the .map file as the quake 3 format, then opening it in gtkradiant to convert it into brushes. Then opening it in gold source hammer to save it as an .rmf then finally opening it in source hammer.

And yeah 33 secs was the best time i could do in css, but im really not that good

Ah right, forgot about that map format saving feature in radiant, nice easy solution though.

koolkool :D Do you own a css bhop server with this map? If you do, please, pm me, want to test it :)

I don't own a server but kawaiiclan has it:

its not a pm, but well, ty :>