it's kinda strange but as the map pool is getting so big now, it would be really nice if we could vote/rate maps we like. I have a few ideas on how to do this, i think they are all suitable but just thoughts..

First, the trackmania style where you give a map a rating from -3 to 3 (it's written in the form /- /-- /--- /+ /++ /+++). I think this is probably the more complex to enable.

Second, you could use a Thumbs up and/or a thumbs down. This is probably the most straight forward.

Third, a rating which is pretty much the same as the trackmania style but more sensible. Ie, 3 out of 5 or 7 out of 10 (depending on the scale).

The final is probably my favourite which is just a Star. If you like a map, you can give it a star. Starred maps can appear on your profile (maybe a tab that shows your maps | starred maps).

The ability to do this from in-game is a must IMO. So in the console you can type /star or something to star the current map and then display a message to say someone starred it.

Agreed, this is needed. I like the thumbs up/down way. Classics :)

I think only the starring system makes sense. Thumbs down isn't needed for anything and it most of the time is used by people with personal hatred for the author. However, thumbs up / favorite is most of the time only used for the correct reasons. Various number choices is never going to work, no one really cares to put enough thought into it.

Just go for "favourited" if anything.

^^ yeah that's pretty much exactly what i thought too.

I agree, only thumbs up option is best I think :).