Hey, I'm Aviv. I used to bhop on Gmod quite a lot, and only started playing ProjectRIK yesterday, so getting used to the different style is harder than I thought. I do have mapping experience (I use Hammer), and would like to try mapping for ProjectRIK, however I was wondering if mapping with little/no experience of the game was a good or bad idea? Would it be better for me if I try mapping for ProjectRIK after I've warmed up to the controls? Also I feel as though the map might look more like a bhop map, is this a problem?



I'd play for a few days before you start mapping to get a better idea on how the maps play. And learning the editor is not that hard if you used hammer before. you can learn it in a day.

Having little experience with RIK definitely isn't an obstacle to start mapping. One thing you have to expect is that people will most likely find routes you didn't think of while mapping, which is totally fine.

One thing to consider is that RIK is a speedrunning game so if you're making a CS bhop style map, people will strafe it to get the best possible times. If the map LOOKS like a bhop map, that's fine, but expect people to find the fastest possible routes with all the available techniques in RIK. (walljumps, stairjumps, crouchslide etc.)

I will keep both things in mind before and when I start mapping, thank you

Well basically if you don't make too big gaps between platforms, or too small platforms, there's no reason to require any gameplay experience. RIK has quite many ways to control your movement, it's almost impossible to make a map that has really bad gameplay. Also we manually check all the maps that are sent in, and point out the possible flaws in them before allowing the map to be played in timerun servers. In your case I don't see any reason not to try mapping right away if you're interested in it.