Ok, since this is on a new engine, is there going to be max accel angles like the quake 3 engine has? You guys should know what I'm talking about, hopefully.
Please God, say no.
I think you need to be a bit more specific.. :) People have so many different names for things\ideas as to how things work so I'm not quite sure what I'd be answering atm..
I think this is called

Velocity Snapping

hehe, ok, there's no velocity snapping in RIK. :)
So if you strafe in a straight line you can continuously gain speed? or is there a cap of some kind?
Technically speaking, there's no such thing as strafing in a straight line and gaining speed. Speed is gained by changing your movement direction, even if it's only marginal changes that might appear as "going straight".
So I'm not quite sure what you're after here.. Below is the best explanation of velocity snapping I know of. And this does not apply to RIK. Does that answer your question? :P
(Actually, nothing there really applies to RIK)
I guess I just have to wait to play it and find out, but yes, you have answered one of my many questions.
Its just too bad I won't be able to play when it is released in open beta, gonna be homeless soon with no internet. But one day.

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