I implemented this just now, which means that from now on the rankings page will be regenerated once a day.

The system here automatically caches any page once it's created, meaning it'll load more or less instantly when you try to access it. But until now, once someone sets a new record for example, all the cached rankings pages have been deleted. Which means that most of the time, you'd have to wait for the page to regenerate. This was intentional to save myself some work a while ago, seeing as with just a few thousand records it would regenerate fairly quickly. But now it was getting bothersome. To be clear, this only affects the /rankings/top/.. pages for now. The main rankings page will still act as before, which means it can take a few seconds to load some times. Might do some partial cache for that one eventually too :) (i.e. cache the most recent #1's part of it, since that's what takes time to load up)

I'll implement this sort of periodic refresh for the player's rankings pages too, see here.

On another note, we've had ~170 new levels since last time I summarized that. Amazing! :mrgreen: Which presented a bit of a problem with my typical "glue-together-a-few-resized-screenshots"-approach. :p Squint yer eyes.

Good job boys, especially Dinius since he probably made most of those maps :D