It would be better if everyone would name their maps like: yourname-whatever. There's been few maps with name_whatever and while the majority of the maps is with "-", and underscore is often used for versioning, we decided it's better to use the form I mentioned above. Also try to avoid using just numbers in your mapnames. If someone likes your map and wants to play it later again, it's a lot easier to remember it if it actually has a name instead of a number. Personalizing the mapname with capitalised letters is perfectly fine.

For collaboration maps you don't need to put player name in the map name, but other stuff mentioned above applies on them too. In the future you will be able to link the profiles who participated in making the map, and the uploaded map will show up on all of their profiles.

The maps with underscore will be renamed soon.

Makes sense. Is there a cmd to view all maps in the directory?

If you open the console, and write \map and click tab (maybe twice) it should list all levels. The ones in white on the bottom are the ones you have locally, and the slightly grayer ones on top are only on the website. You can download them ingame as well using \dl mapname.

There's also a list here:

When I type /map online and press tab it always says:


mapname = "noname"

Write "/map " with a space :)

They should all have been renamed now. Flame-jump1 and both of ronsu's maps :)