New forum built from scratch up and running. Heavily inspired by the looks of the old one which ran on wordpress. Stuff should generally be a lot better now, and any bugs, annoyances or such will be a lot easier to fix :) Not to mention proper formatting, pages that are about 10% of the previous size, and so forth..


Somehow I had a feeling you'd be quick to "woo" this :P

Could you maybe make news posts forum posts too? Then I can leave a comment on the news post & I don't always check the news area, I do always check the forum.

Yeah was thinking of whether or not to start doing that. You got the "recent news" on the side here, but I guess there's no harm in posting it on the forum as well, seeing as discussions etc would be easier to have then as well. I guess actually the newspage could simply be a subset of admin-posted news threads, now that I think about it .. :)