Flame just released the second level created by someone not involved in the development of RIK, then Suburb released the third one shortly afterwards! :mrgreen:





The first non-devteam-level was released by Mindi a little over a month ago:



Enjoy :)

very nice :O

First :D

Cool, good to see other people mapping. :)

Imo flame's map needs some working in the start. Didn't try long, but the very first turn seems annoyingly narrow to me.

@hupo - I can see what you mean, never had a problem myself but that could be due to not being able to reach as high speeds as the better jumpers. If this is a common annoyance for others, I can adjust the design and re-upload. Thanks for the feedback though!

cool, might make some easy maps if i can figure out how to use radiant.

I made some quick, not-so-very-tutorial-ish tutorial late last night actually

Youtube video

I can try do a bit of a tutorial on my twitch at some point. I think your following me already pcpie, so if I notice your online and I have time ill try run through on stream for you some basic information.

Im still learning how to do certain things so probably wont be that advanced but it'll give you the basic so you can start creating maps.

Thanks for the help ill def check out your stream, got some experience with the map editor for source. so shouldn't take too long too learn as the engines are kind of similar.