Hey again, since I'm not active in the development, some of this issues may have been discussed already, nevertheless, here are some of the things I thought about:

OBs - For some reason I got the feeling that there would be no OB in RIK. I would really like to see OB available in RIK in under some restrictions of course. I was thinking of something like "Overbounceable textures". I've seen it somewhere from defrag I think.
Health - In my opinion, it requires some skill to be aware of your health. A good example of this is the very recent DFWC2014 round 6 map. And I was wondering if health points and pickups will exist.

Edit: What applies to health pickups, also applies for ammo/guns that you can pick up

Last but not least, I was wondering if other things will be added such as: Ladders you can grab (Something ET-like?), holdable items and triggers you can activate/push buttons.

I don't see the need for both health and ammo. One or the other, as they both accomplish the same thing.
As for OB, my opinion on it is that it really does cross the line into complete mechanical obscurity--which is not an easy thing to do, because I love me some dumb legacy mechanics. Would it really add anything to the game that a carefully placed bounce pad couldn't do?

It requires skill for both things. It's much harder to optimize your runs when you have to consider your health and the damage a rocket or whatever will have. Same thing goes for ammo. If you're short on ammo you have to consider when to use it to optimize your run, and it can make a huge difference.

There's not much skill required to land on a bounce pad and it just throws you wherever. There is skill required however in getting that exact speed or height from an OB.

If you have 100 health and each rocket will take off 25 health, then you can fire 4 rockets. If you have 4 rockets and unlimited health then you can fire 4 rockets. If you are firing 4 rockets that take less than 25 health then you're probably not getting the same speed or height anyway.
Plenty of times you just get a battlesuit along with your rockets or PG, and are still only limited by the ammo. It would be the same thing if you had unlimited health and limited ammo.
There could be plenty of skill involved in landing on a bounce pad if it's positioned in such a way that it can be missed. It would pretty much be the same thing as OB except without being stupidly obtuse.

Health is an interesting idea.  However, i'm afraid i disagree on the OB.   I've always disliked OB it feels clunky and random (even though i know it isn't totally) it just doesnt feel natural.  I believe Dinius has already mentioned that there will be no OB.


The health idea is interesting though, not sure its needed.  I know it takes skill to manage but with the focus on speed and mechanics, health almost feels like a legacy feature that someone forgot to remove.  I know it would add an extra skill layer to the game but im not sure if its really required.  I still think it's an interesting idea though and i'm not opposed to it. 

OB is a no go. It could be "fun" for freestyle and other custom maps, but it has absolutely no place in competition imo. And I don't really want to \ see a good enough reason to re-make the ability to overbounce just for certain custom stuff :)
As far as health goes, yeah I'm very aware of the "skill" required when it comes to keeping health in mind etc. But there's FAR more than enough skill requirements for other things in this game. All in all, not having to care about health is more fun I think, and makes it all a little bit easier for new players as well :)
Ladders, maybe in the future, but it needs more interesting "physics" to it imo. If you have a ladder in a race map in RIK, it's like jump jump jump get good speed -> boring ladder climb -> get good speed again. But with some different aspect to it, it could be nice.
Holdable items? Like what? For what purpose? Powerups?
Same questions go for the push\activate thing..

This is a mere example of holdable items:

Youtube video

In that case you need 3 keys to escape. Guess it would be more to give purpose to a run.

The activate thing requires a bit of "skill" as well. The best example I can find at the moment is this:

Youtube video

These ideas were all skill related (except for the ladder thingy), as to be honest I don't think it would be much harm for new players, it's just not lazynoob-friendly.

Holdables: exactly the same thing is accomplished by required checkpoints. So for just that aspect I don't see any use for it..?
Activate thing: Maybe in the future, not planned any time soon though, but I can see it as something that could possible be added with a couple twists somewhere down the line. The use is extremely limited though. Only relevant things I know of is that teamjump thing you linked. In q3+etc it's often used for doors and alike too, which is just horrible when there's multiple people playing the same map (and not doing team tricks).

@I dont know how the maps are created (I never created really any map for any game)... but its not possible to add functions to the map? As I know (and I dont know anything about mapping) you can "use the commands of the engine", "add functions" to all kind of bsp-maps? So I didnt watched in detail ur levels (or do u call it map?) , but they ended with bsp.