New player here,

I was wondering if you could answer some questions that I have.

I'm currently playing offline on easy maps that I downloaded, but when I change maps or even just reload the same, the best time that I made previously is gone...

Are those best time not saved by default offline? Or they are saved, but a console line is needed to bring it back?

And for jumping, it seems that by just pushing on space bar continuously , you're jumping, but is there any difference between just pushing the space bar when you're close to the ground and continuously pushing it?

Thank you very much for your answer,

Have a nice day !

Yeah everything is "built around online play" here, the times you set locally won't persist in any way. Once you quit the game, reload the map, or change to another one the times you set are gone. BUT, it does save a recording. In the RIK install directory you should have Players/recordings/... Each file has your name, the map name, and the time set, even though it's just done locally, so you could use that as a reference. To play them you'd open the console (esc) and write /demo somename.

As for the jumping, there is no difference, mostly everyone just holds it down. The "autojump" can be turned off though, because some people don't like to "get used" to holding it down, for example because they play other games where there IS no autojump and they don't wanna get into the habit of NOT pressing it manually for every jump.

Ok thank a lot for the answer !

I'll continue to play offline since I'm bad and I don't want to bother experienced players to change map and do easier ones.

Well, have a nice day and thank you again for the info

Try it online tho, all players are really helpful and give great tips. just join and dont bother about easy maps, everybody loves easy maps. :D

Oh that's nice ok I'll try to play online too :)