posting this as a bit of an incentive to finish. So feel free to nag me about these maps, but below are 3 videos of maps I have not yet finished. Some of them are more finished than others but i figured id post here to give you all a little look and give me some incentive to finish them.

1. Piercy - NoNameYet

This is a small-ish map I put together, it starts out a bit as a gamma map. Then progresses onto something more twisty. The route is basically finished, i want to make it a bit longer, potentially add the ability to complete it in reverse. I also need to work out how to either make it "multi-routable" or to close off areas i dont want you to skip.

Youtube video

2. Piercy - Rudimentary - Remix

So, most of you will know piercy-rudimentary. Well one day i was messing around and decided to shuffle all the pieces into a different order. The parts i believe are exactly the same (although i may have changed it a little bit to make it not collide with each other, i honestly cant remember). With some tweaks this could become a released map. I may try shuffle them again just to see what else i can come up with. I'd like to come up with something that has as many different routes as Rudimentary and is similar but not exactly the same. This current route looks good except im not sure theres many ways to route it (however, that could change when i add cp's).

Youtube video

3. Piercy-Surf-Months

This is a map ive been working on a while. I got a bit bummed out around surf in all honesty. Theres quite a few very minor issues with Rik and Surf and i seem to experience all of them at the same time. The map was designed to be a full surf map similar to something you would find in csgo surf. The video below shows a short "styled" section, but the whole map is actually complete it just needs styling and tidying up.

Youtube video

x. There also potential for me to go back and add shoot points to Rudimentary and Ethos, I think this would be cool just as something new.

Private videos - can't see them :/

Fixed! thanks and whoops, thought they were just unlisted :)

You have a very beautiful voice, you should post more commentary videos. Can't wait for you to release your maps, they look awesome! :)

Trailers for maps? No, thanks.

You should have spent time wasted on making those videos and writing descriptions on mapping instead and maybe community would have something new to play by now.

Thanks huPo, the voice isnt me its Fkk and/or Rozor, Unless theres a british accent in there somwhere?

Shitty comments? no thanks.

I was talking with them on the server and they wanted to see so i streamed it and then just uploaded to youtube direct from twitch. Side note: wrote the post on my lunch break at work so couldnt work on the maps then either.

Wasnt a trailer, didnt make these videos at all, just streamed them to show people and thought id share.

not a huge fan of surf but thats just me :)

Both the other maps look very promising, you should definately release them!

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I knew it was fishy :D

still waiting for them maps

They are not coming. We didn't give him enough incentive. (Wait! Now they ARE coming just to prove me wrong - you are welcome, Sapro.)

i have actually been working on the first one above, but im not happy with it at the moment. Although i have a feeling im a perfectionist when it comes to these things :/

It's uploaded, just gotta be approved.