The first version of my map Piercy-Rudimentary has been released. You can download it at:

Youtube video

To install the map download the zip file from above and extract it into /Data/maps inside your ProjectRIK installation folder. You can then do \\map Piercy-rudimentary from the console to load the map.

You do not need to extract the zip file.
by Piercy

Actually with the current version people have, you probably need to extract it into the Data/maps directory. From the next alpha and on you can just place it there. :)

There's a problem on your map for me :(

I've asked dinius about this as i cannot check it my end. Hopefully he should get back to us soon :)

The lightmaps are missing from some of the more recently uploaded maps. Some new bug, the first uploaded maps are fine.

Will fix it later today and post here when done.


The bug is fixed, and all maps now have the lightmaps included as well. You'll need to download it again and then it should be fine:

Also fixed the image in your post :)

It works now thanks !

Version 2 is now out! Click the links below to download it.

The colors don't really look good with that skybox. You really should change them back to how it was. The walls are way too dark for such a clear and bright sky. Also the gameplay is very unbalanced mainly in this area:


Definitely needs another version update.

Ill look into the colours and dinius is complaining, too, i found it fine. I have an idea for it anyway.

As for unbalanced, what do you mean? One could argue that its based on everyones style but i dont want to argue that completely. I agree on some aspects of unbalance in this area but want to see what your specifics are to see if they match up.

Got any proposals for what would make it more balanced?

Updated with a new version to fix colours ;)

A comparison