hmm i got a little problem with a map im working on atm

when i try to test or wanne test it it takes over 1000 seconds to compile

pretty weird

is the sky box huge?

not really not any bigger than any other maps

used the special texture yellowish orsomething

Doing final or normal compiles?

It's 99% surely just because of big skybox volume, the bigger the skybox the higher the compile time, even if there's nothing "there". Will improve on this a lot in the future, but that's how it is right now :)

+ For just general testing, I'd strongly recommend that you use the quickcompile.. Looks doesn't matter as long as you're testing gameplay :) A few light compiles might be necessary in the end to make sure it looks ok though.

You could upload the map and send PM to one of the devs to take a look on the map. I suppose in mapping related stuff I'm the one to go for since Dinius is rather busy with other stuff.

huPo's probably your best bet as i think he's a more experienced mapper than me. But im happy to take a look too if you PM me the map :).

wel i think the reason is the many brushes close to each other like cubes creating one big cube anyway i really like that you guys wanne look etc but i want to fix it myself to let me become a better (less bad) mapper

Well, im more than happy to tell you what i think it is and let you fix it :). But would be very hard to figure it out without seeing it :D. Maybe try make those squares one solid brush to see if it affects it?

Can always put it back after

doesnt work tried it did not work

Remove skybox & do quick compile. What happens then?

You can also take a screenshot and upload, kind of hard to guess the mistake / problem with only text.

Another thing I can suggest is select skybox and make it caulk, then select only the inside faces with ctrl+LMB and then apply the texture skies1, skies2 or skies3 not the fakelight one.

It's kinda impossible to help without knowing what the problem is. Upload map source to me in pm, so I can take a look.

You can still fix it yourself even if you send the .map to hupo, that way he can actually SEE what's wrong, instead of giving wild guesses. We pretty much can't help without the map source :)

fixed it the fake light one was the problem also tried some skies out

skies1: 654 Seconds

skies2:834 seconds

skies3:704 seconds

Actually, there shouldn't be any difference between the skies. I would think that if you tried again, you'd get varying results. Because of other things on your PC taking resources, when the map compiler runs on a lower priority and so forth.

You could try making the tiny brushes that forms the cube you were talking about into detail brushes, if you haven't already.

Select brushes -> Brush -> Make detail

I suppose if it's an open map you could just turn every brush inside the skybox to detail brushes. (since vis blocking doesn't matter)

did that allready but thanks anyway